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Stephen Robinson

Senior Adviser


Stephen Robinson joined the Standards and Operations Division in December 2021 and will be contributing to the strategic planning of national standards programming for the Division.   Stephen Robinson will manage projects related to National Mine Action Standards (NMAS), and their compliance with the IMAS framework, to enable affected countries to respond adequately in forming and/or implementing appropriate national standards. Stephen Robinson will also provide technical and organsiational support to ongoing activities pertaining to IMAS development and support for IMAS outreach.

Prior to joining GICHD, Stephen Robinson worked in the humanitarian and development world for over 20 years.  The majority of this time was in the mine action sector, predominantly with the UN, both in UNMAS and UNDP.  In UNMAS he worked as a senior programme manager in contexts ranging from Nepal to South Sudan.  Most lately Stephen Robinson worked for UNDP in Yemen where he was the senior technical adviser to the internationally recognised government. He also spent three years with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) as the Regional Weapons Contamination Adviser for the Middle East, where he supported ICRC delegations in issues including IHL interventions to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) training events.  

Stephen Robinson has a master’s degree in Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid from the Kalu Institute of Spain, and post graduate qualifications in education from the University of Wales.

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