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More than twenty years have passed since the recruitment of the first group of women in demining teams in Kosovo, a landmark moment that paved the way for women’s increasing access to employment opportunities in the mine action sector. During this time, numerous accomplishments have been achieved by the mine action community as a whole regarding the role of women and the promotion of gender equality in the sector.

The Project

The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD) travelled to different parts of Kosovo to interview former and current women working in demining teams. Through these interviews, women shared their unique experiences in the mine action sector, including challenges and success stories. Watch the short film to learn more.

Kosovo Visit

In November 2021, the GICHD project team travelled to Kosovo to interview former and current staff with the support of NPA and The HALO Trust. They were accompanied by Murlan Jasiqi (interpreter), Giovanni Diffidenti (photographer), and Claudia Campus (videographer).
The team interviewed former and current women working in demining teams in their own towns and workplaces. They started by visiting NPA teams clearing a minefield in Merdare in the Podujevo area, then they headed to another field visit in Baltava, where they met Gordana, Fitore, and Ivana.

On the third day, in Prishtina, the team had a conversation with Ahmet Sallova, director of the Kosovo Mine Action Center (KMAC), who provided insightful information on the history of KMAC, women employment in demining teams, and also on the challenges KMAC has faced and the opportunities for the future.

Later the GICHD project team proceeded to the village of Lumbardhe, in the west of Kosovo, where they had the opportunity to interview three former NPA deminers, Saranda, Vlora, and Delfina.

In Gjakova, they met current and former teams from The HALO Trust, and interviewed Diana, Berlinda, and Gjyle. They concluded their visit in Mollopolcë, where they met Merdije, who is also working with The HALO Trust. 


We would like to thank all the women who participated in this project, the Kosovo Mine Action Center, The HALO Trust, and Norwegian People's Aid. Without their participation and support, this project would not have been possible. 

We would also like to express our appreciation for the tremendous work done by the talented production team, who accompanied the GICHD throughout this project: 

Claudia Campus and Giovanni Diffidenti direction, Claudia Campus editor, and graphic designer Mattia Biffi.

This project was supported with funding from Global Affairs Canada. The ideas, opinions, and comments therein are entirely the responsibility of the GICHD and its partners, and do not necessarily represent or reflect the Canadian aid policy.