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The Armtrac 75T-230 is Armtrac’s middle of the range demining machine. Smaller than the Armtrac 400, the 75T still maintains all of the functionality of its bigger brother for all demining activities. With its hydraulically operated 2.2 meter Tiller Rotor, the 75T is capable of clearing approximately 1,100 square meters per hour, to a verified (*CROMAC tested) depth of 35cm. A Flail is also available. The 75T is designed to destroy & withstand 10kg Anti-Tank mines

The 75T is fully remote controlled up to 800 meters allowing the Operator to remain at a safe distance while still maintaining 100% control of all the machine’s functions, or alternatively if fitted with its fully armoured, sound proofed & air-conditioned cabin (which can withstand NATO Ball at point blank range), an Operator can maintain a detailed “bird’s eye” view of demining operations in complete comfort & safety. Remote Control is still available on Cabin fitted versions.

The cabin maintains the same design as the Armtrac 400; however it can tilt forward to allow easy access to the engine, hydraulics & electrics for ease of maintenance.

The Armtrac 75T-230 has a telescopic boom to which different clearance toolkits can be attached. This boom can be extended to clear mines and UXO in difficult locations such as on river banks and on inclines, while remaining completely stationary. This is a unique feature to Armtrac tracked machines.

By utilising industry standard quick hitch systems, numerous construction tool attachments can be exchanged for the demining toolkits. The backhoe can be fitted onto the boom arm which provides a very versatile and far reaching tool with a standard scrape bucket or a grapple attached for extracting UXO which are difficult to access.

The quick hitch system will accommodate any standard construction tool such as buckets, dozer blades, fork lift tines or power grab, making the Armtrac 75T-230 an extremely versatile & useful machine in and out of high threat areas. The boom arm will lift up to 2.7 tons which makes the Armtrac 75T a powerful workhorse for a wide range of levelling, loading, lifting and construction roles as well as clearing mines, IEDs and UXO. This gives it a “second life” after its clearance role.


Overall length 3766.00 mm
Length with attachment 5344.00 mm
Overall Width 2080.00 mm
Overall Hight 2308.00 mm
Fits in container 1

Factory support Armtrac will 1. Provide training for operation and maintenance 2. Provide an engineer to maintain larger Armtrac fleets 3. Supply follow up spares quickly and efficiently.
Warranty 12 months standard

Additional equipment Can be fitted with Armtrac C-IED Mine Roller System
Estimated quantity in use to date 8

Tracks 1
Ground bearing pressure tracks 0.82 Kg/cm2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 30.00 °
Rotation speed from 350.00 rpm
Rotation speed to 400.00 rpm
Clearance depth in varying terrain from 20.00 cm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 35.00 cm
Working speed for light soil with medium vegetation 1700.00 m2/h
Working speed for medium soil with medium vegetation 780.00 m2/h
Working speed for heavy soil with dense vegetation 530.00 m2/h
Armor Armox 440
Greatest remote controlled distance 1000.00 m
Mechanical tools / attachments

Tiller, Flail, Rotary Mine Comb, Robotic Arm with bucket, manipulator, grapple and strimmer, Detector (Metal and GPR), Front Loading Bucket, Dozer Blade

Engine type / description Deutz TCD2013L6 2v
Engine max power 258.00 hp
Fuel capacity 0.00 l
Fuel consumption 0.00 l/h
Cooling system Water Cooling
Oil capacity 318.00 l
Connectivity Hydraulic

Battery voltage 24.00 Volt
Battery capacity 145.00 Ah