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General description

BHD8 BHD8 is a turnkey, self-contained deflagration system consisting of a deflagration sleeve, stand and initiator that can be used to neutralize landmines and other thin cased unexploded ordnance (4mm steel maximum). The BHD8 Deflagration Sleeves are packed and shipped with operational stands in a disposable cardboard container. A standard supply pack consists of, 18 BHD8 and 18 wire stands, together with operating instructions. Used successfully against TM 46 AT mines.

Working characteristics

Each BHD8 Deflagration Sleeve is individually sealed in a metalized bag to preserve the product and should only be removed just before intended use. The product will become insensitive when exposed to moisture over a prolonged period when outside of its protective metalized bag therefore should be kept sealed until ready to be used. The BHD8 weighs 365 grams therefore, light weight and small enough to be easily handled.


Dimensional data

Length 100 mm
Weight 0.365 kg
Transport case information 18 BHD 8 in a case
Transport case weight 7 kg
Transport case weight info 7
Case dimensions 20 x 22 x 40cm


Base price 480 €
Reduction for higher quantity $480 for a box of 18 BHD 8 Discount for large orders


Other information

All the Disarmco products are classed as a flammable solid that complies to UN3178 Hazardous Class 4.1, UN Packing Group III – Flammable Solid Inorganic N.O.S. which allows them to be transported on commercial airlines as they are classed as non-explosive. Therefore, easy to transport, handle and store without the associated administrative burden of explosives.