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Dragon™ MK8 lance is specifically designed to destroy plastic cased ordnance and steel cased munitions (up to 13mm). The Dragon lance is ‘a pre-loaded turnkey solution’ that can be imported into regions where access to explosives and accessories are prohibited. This stand-off solution offers an effective method of destroying ordnance and specifically those that are classed as “no touch” items. Dragon generates a focused flame with a temperature of more than 2000°C that lances through the targeted ordnance igniting the explosives, which leads to deflagration, as with all EOD/Clearance operations a high order has to be planned for. To enable the best possible outcome, it is important that the EOD operators know their ordnance so as to enable the best method of attack. The Dragon Lance comes with its own reusable stand that can be adjusted to maintain the right angle of attack. The Dragon Lance has been used successfully against various targets which have included No 4 Anti-Personal Mines, Type 72 Anti-Tank Mines, M15 Anti-Tank Mines, Mortars and 105 mm High Explosive Projectiles. The Thermite Initiated Starter (TIS) is used to initiate the Dragon Lance using a 350v 6J exploder. The Dragon Lance is currently being used by various International Organisations. Features: • Stand-off solution • Plug and Go System • Uses the TIS starter • Up to 20 second burn • Over 2000°C flame • 4.1 Flammable Solid meaning it can travel on commercial airlines.

The Dragon Lance is initiated using a Thermite Initiated Starter. The initiation causes an energetic reaction resulting in a focused jet of flame which is released through the nozzle end. Temperatures reach in excess of 2000 degrees C, which allow the penetration of up to 13mm of steel.


Length 0.00 mm
Weight 1.00 kg
Sizes available 1
Transport case provided 1
Transport case weight 0.00 kg
Case dimensions 38 x 38 x 17cm

Base price 32.00 €
Reduction for higher quantity 1000 = 5% 1001 – 2000 = 6% 2001 – 5000 = 7% 5001 – 10000+ = 8%


All the Disarmco products are classed as a flammable solid that complies to UN3178 Hazardous Class 4.1, UN Packing Group III – Flammable Solid Inorganic N.O.S. which allows them to be transported on commercial airlines as they are classed as non-explosive. Therefore, easy to transport, handle and store without the associated administrative burden of explosives.