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General description

Best ever

Working characteristics

all new technology


Power supply data

Battery v24
Low battery alert information none
Operating time 5 hours
Operating time information only during day time
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information none

Dimensional data

Length 7 mm
Weight 3 kg
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information none
Transport case weight 5 kg
Transport case weight info black and metal cover
Case dimensions 50 x 100cm

Factory support data

Factory support none
Warranty none
Humidity (limitations) none
Temperature limitations none


Base price 500 €
Reduction for higher quantity none
Possible to rent 1
Price for training 50 USD per day


Additional equipment none
Other models none

Technical data

Maximum speed 60 km/h
Maximum speed mode level 5
Max trop duration (no wind) 60 minutes
Max hovering duration (no wind) 60 minutes
Max flight distance (no wind) 2000 m
Max wind speed resistance 50 km/h
Operating frequency 20 GHz
Flight / trip planning software 1
Live data transmission 1
Image processing software 1