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The Elios 2 from Flyability is a drone specifically designed to operate in confined spaces and GPS denied environments. For operations in conflict or post-conflict environments, the Elios 2 is a game-changer. Data collected can be key to a wide audience of stakeholders. Whether operating under conflict or post-conflict conditions, critical infrastructure surveillance is essential. Specialist engineers and managers can utilize the Elios 2 data to gauge damage to structures, serviceability of equipment, and resources needed to restore services to normal. For those dealing with explosive remnants of war, Elios 2 provides key data in threat assessments ahead of clearance operations. In the case of assessing damage to buildings, civil engineers can utilize Elios 2 flights to assist in determining the structural integrity of the building(s) or components of buildings.

Flyability’s Elios 2 is a quadcopter offering unparalleled maneuverability and data capture for specialist requirements. Housed in a collision resilient cage, it operates a 4K and thermal camera side by side, with the option to live stream fly. In-flight stability is augmented using the drone’s own stability sensors. For accuracy of data capture, a distance lock to the target surface can be engaged. The Elios 2 has 3 modes: ASSIST - Assist mode ATTI - Attitude mode SPORT - Sport mode Post-flight, using Flyability’s own software, written reports can be augmented to include points of interest, 2D measurements, and 3D models.


Battery LiPo 5S Hv Smart Battery
Low battery alert 1
Low battery alert information 17.5%
Rechargeable 1
Operating time 1.5 hours
Operating time information 10 minutes
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information Flyability’s charger comes with a built-in power supply. You can connect the AC power cord to the 100- 240V AC socket directly.

Length 400 mm
Weight 1.45 kg
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information IATA compliant for checked-in luggage
Transport case weight 11.5 kg
Case dimensions 61 x 44 x 53 cm

Factory support Troubleshooting and general inquiries can be accessed via email or telephone. Details can be found at: Flyability has local Authorised Service Centers around the world which can provide customer support with the fol
Warranty Elios 2 comes with either a 12-month warranty or a 24-month warranty (Professional Package). The warranty covers all the malfunctions that could occur during the life of the product, arising from software or equipment included in the package. Conditions a
Humidity (limitations) Splash and dust resistant
Temperature limitations 0 ºC to 50 ºC1 * (32 °F to 122 °F)

Reduction for higher quantity Contact for details
Price for training Contact for details

Additional equipment Range extender: 20m length to extend the range of the drone
Other models Elios 2 RAD: designed to detect and map indoor radiation sources.

Maximum speed 3.6 km/h
Maximum speed mode Attitude (ATTI) mode
Max trop duration (no wind) 10 minutes
Max hovering duration (no wind) 10 minutes
Max flight distance (no wind) 100 m
Max wind speed resistance 3 km/h
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz
Flight / trip planning software 1
Live data transmission 1
Image processing software 1