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General description

The Gripper is a multifunctional gripping device that can be added to the Rope Robot and the Delta Robot. For both combinations, the Gripper can be used for research and explorations. For the demining purpose it can place the detonators on the land mines to destroy them from a safe distance.

Working characteristics

The gripper can be attached to the delta robot on the Manta Drone and operated at a distance to either grab objects or plant detonators on landmines/UXO's and more.


Dimensional data

Length 210 mm
Weight 0.1285 kg
Transport case information Goes together with the Delta Robot case or any other attachment case. Does not have a case by itself

Factory support data

Factory support Yes. Call center and field support if necessary
Warranty 1 year
Humidity (limitations) splash proof
Temperature limitations -40 to +60 degrees celsius


Base price 6600 €
Reduction for higher quantity depends on purchase
Possible to rent 1
Price for training Leasing is an option, upon request


Additional equipment Other Add-ons