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General description

The robot aunav.NEO (120Kg) is the only EOD / IED / CBRN robot with a variable geometry system. It can automatically, and in just a few seconds, increase or decrease the width of the robot.

Working characteristics

aunav.NEO has a variable geometry system and self-stabilization system which allows the robots to adapt to any operating scenario, whether it is in narrow corridors of aeroplanes, buses or subways, underground tunnels, wading through debris or in open spaces.

The self-stabilization system always keeps the robots platform in a horizontal position on stairs, ramps, slopes, or uneven debris-filled terrain.

They allows self-detection and real-time configuration of any accessory, without the need for operator intervention.

Its main arm, flippers and batteries can easily be uncoupled from the robot without using special tools, making it easy to transport in any vehicle.

Allows the operator to manipulate and move objects of up to 75Kg easily and skilfully.


Power supply data

Operating time 0.00 hours

Dimensional data

Length 0.00 mm
Weight 0.00 kg
Transport case weight 0.00 kg
Overall length 815.00 mm
Length with attachment 0.00 mm
Overall Width 564.00 mm
Overall Hight 848.00 mm
Fits in container 2

Factory support data

Warranty 1 Year
Humidity (limitations) MIL-STD 810G
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations MIL-STD 810G


Base price 0.00 €
Possible to rent 1

Technical data

Maximum speed 0.00 km/h
Max trop duration (no wind) 0.00 minutes
Max hovering duration (no wind) 0.00 minutes
Max flight distance (no wind) 0.00 m
Max wind speed resistance 0.00 km/h
Operating frequency 0.00 GHz

Operational data

Tracks 1
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 45.00 °
Rotation speed from 0.00 rpm
Rotation speed to 0.00 rpm
Clearance depth in varying terrain from 40.00 cm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 40.00 cm
Working speed for light soil with medium vegetation 0.00 m2/h
Working speed for medium soil with medium vegetation 0.00 m2/h
Working speed for heavy soil with dense vegetation 0.00 m2/h
Greatest remote controlled distance 1000.00 m
Mechanical tools / attachments

* 7º DoF electric arm

* Automatic tools like single disruptor or relay radio

Engine specifications

Engine type / description electrical
Engine max power 0.00 hp
Fuel capacity 0.00 l
Fuel consumption 0.00 l/h
Oil capacity 0.00 l
Connectivity COFDM, Fiber Optic and Ethernet

Vehicle electrical system

Battery voltage 0.00 Volt
Battery capacity 0.00 Ah



aunav NEO 45o slope climbing aunav NEO platform stabilization on lateral slope aunav NEO under vehicle inspection aunav NEO using X ray aunav NEO vertical flippers position