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SOUVIM-XP is a countermining and counter-IED vehicle dedicated to open mined roads and to secure large areas. The Vehicle holds a metal detector, a ground penetrating radar and a jammer. It has an extra mass, extra power and MMI extension capabilities to operate any future technology. All the components are proven industrial products, off the shelf and easy tu support. The vehicule requires but one user thanks to its simplified and user friendly MMI with sound alarms. The operator is totally protected with the V shape armored hull, which is high and narrow to reduce the blast effect to the vehicle.

A threat can be jammed, detected or decoyed. Decoying means fusins the threat in the safest mode, as far as possible from any body or material. It can be mass decoy, mechanical decoy, magnetic decoy or IR decoy. It is useful when high speed is required in a low density of threats area. Jamming means discrupting communication between the fuse and the shooter. Frequencies are jammed in a large area. Detection could be done with a metal detector when the threat has metal, on a large path (3 m) and high speed (up to 30 kmh). Detection could also be done with a ground penetrating radar when there is threats without metal. Each ground discontinuity is detected, on a large path (3 m) but slow speed (5 kmh).


Overall length 8700 mm
Overall Width 2450 mm
Overall Hight 3320 mm

Temperature limitations Currently used in Mali at high temperature

Wheels 1

Engine type / description DEUTZ
Engine max power 140 hp