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General description

Safe Pro EOD Suit

Working characteristics

A customizable explosive ordnance disposal suit that can be upgraded to the end user’s torso, jacket, and pants measurement or upgraded to meet the fragmentation V50 velocities in different areas of the suit, as per the specific requirement of the end user


Dimensional data

Weight 25 kg
Sizes available Size is customizable to user requirements.
Transport case provided 1

Factory support data

Warranty 12 months


Reduction for higher quantity Discounts available based on volume of sales.


Colours available OD green

Protective performance

Protection level • Suit Front Chest and Groin Areas: 1500 m/s minimum • Helmet (Front and Back): 700 m/s minimum • Visor: 700 m/s minimum • Leg: Thigh, Knee, Shin: 600 m/s minimum • Arm/Sleeve: 600 m/s minimum • Back of Suit: 600 m/s minimum