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General description

The ALLU Transformer is a sifting attachment that is mounted to a wheel loader or other carrier machine. It is used for construction and recycling work, but it can also be used for de-mining, provided that safety is handled properly. By using hydraulic power from the carrier machine, the Transformer processes the soil scooped into the bucket. There are various working tools of the Transformer to choose from, to suit the need. Typically, the APMs will be mechanically crushed, or screened off the soil. There are many different sizes and versions available of the Transformer. Exact specification is determined by the carrier machine model and size. The Transformer can be equipped with a hydraulic operated cover.

Working characteristics

The ALLU Transformer features a solid frame (“bucket”) and hydraulically operated rotating drums. The blades on the drums can crush, screen, or process the material, and push it through the drums. Oversized particles are left inside the bucket and can be sorted into their own pile. The productivity is determined by the chosen drums and blades. If the Transformer is equipped with the cover, it reduces the risk of damage caused by mine blasting and flying mine fragments. If there is no cover, or it is not closed, the steel walls of the bucket guide the blast in the open direction of the bucket. The drums at the bottom of the bucket are not sealed and thus, an explosion can occur in that direction too. Therefore, area surrounding the Transformer must be considered as hazardous. PPE must also be used, and the operator’s cabin must be armoured.


Dimensional data

Fits in container 2

Factory support data

Factory support Comprehensive product support and training available, including installation, commissioning, operation, service and maintenance, also spare parts service.


Other information


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