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General description

The system is a mine clearing equipment which is controlled remotely. This system allows the user to use the system in different functions by changing the front attachment. Since the front attachment is replaceable, the user can conveniently perform cleaning with different attachments according to terrain and operational requirements.

Working characteristics

While the vehicle provides movement and protection, it generates and transmits the power required for the attachment to operate. There are currently two different attachments that can be connected to the vehicle. These attachments (Flail and Tiller attachments) rotate at high speed, strike and detonate the mines.


Dimensional data

Overall length 4600 mm
Length with attachment 6500 mm
Overall Width 2850 mm
Overall Hight 2400 mm
Fits in container 3

Factory support data

Warranty Depends on the contract


Estimated quantity in use to date 21

Operational data

Tracks 1
Ground bearing pressure tracks 0.63 kg/cm^2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 31.5 °
Rotation speed from 400 rpm
Rotation speed to 800 rpm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to 30 cm
Working speed for light soil with medium vegetation 1900 m2/h
Working speed for medium soil with medium vegetation 1425 m2/h
Working speed for heavy soil with dense vegetation 950 m2/h
Armor Armox 500T
Greatest remote controlled distance 5000 m
Mechanical tools / attachments Flail / Tiller

Engine specifications

Engine type / description Diesel
Engine max power 300 hp
Fuel capacity 250 l
Fuel consumption 40 l/h
Cooling system Water cooling
Oil capacity 19.5 l