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The MINEX 4.600 is designed to detect very small near-surface metal objects, so-called minimum metal mines or plastic mines. It offers maximum sensitivity and best possible pinpointing of targets while still providing robustness and reliability in any conditions. A ground learning function for operation on uncooperative soil and a military mode that turns off the LED indicators for safe night operations are only two of the vital features available. The MINEX 4.600 comes in a rugged transport case and can be equipped with accessories according to the customer’s needs. Commonly, individual packages are defined and delivered.

Dual frequency continuous wave technology for constantly high sensitivity to all metals Two integrated search heads (Double D) for precise pinpointing Detection along large metal structures like railway tracks, fences and cars  All control and display elements integrated into the handle  Visual display with 14 LEDs that can be switched off  Five sensitivity ranges  No disturbance by high power lines  No influence by wet soil or salty water on the detection depth  Individual ground learning for non cooperative soil conditions  Integrated function test of all control and display elements incl. malfunction alarm


Audio output yes
Visual display yes
Depth indication max. 50cm
Sensitive adjustment 1
Ground balance 1
Ground balance information yes
Connectivity yes

Battery 3 x 1.5 V batteries (LR20) or 3 x 1.2 V rechargeable batteries
Low battery alert 1
Rechargeable 1
Operating time information approx. 40h

Length 1677 mm
Weight 2.7 kg
Search head size 210 mm
Shape foldable design 657mm to 1677mm with oval search head 210mm x 285mm
Transport case provided 1
Transport case weight 10 kg
Transport case weight info rugged case

Factory support 24/7 support through worldwide network
Warranty 2 years
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations IP68

Reduction for higher quantity please contact for a detailed quotation
Possible to rent 1
Price for training please contact for a detailed quotation

Additional equipment headphone, backpack, carrying strap, MINEX software for maintenance