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General description

The MK Ground Station is where the drone, the robotic components and other accessories are controlled and monitored from. This device is mobile, meaning that it can be easily transported. The Ground Station is able to manually control all the drones and robotics or set the “Autopilot” mode.

Working characteristics

The station features a screen which shows all of the data that is wirelessly received from the onboard computer, making it possible to monitor the position of the MK Drones, the number of detections and the followed trajectory. The detections and information collected by the MK demining units are streamed to the Ground Station, where they are analysed.


Dimensional data

Length 340 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Ground Station built in the transport case
Transport case weight 6.5 kg
Transport case weight info 6.5kg total including the groundstation as it is built into the case
Case dimensions 34x28x14cm

Factory support data

Factory support Call center for help and a on site service team for the drones including the Ground Station
Warranty 1 year


Base price 22100 €
Reduction for higher quantity Depends on the order
Possible to rent 1
Price for training Can be leased as part of a package deal with the drone