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The Manta Drone is specially designed for the demining purpose. It is an autonomously-flying detection and detonation system, operated by a specialized deminer from a safe distance. This ensures that deminers do not need to approach the danger zone themselves, but can instead remotely monitor the clearing process using systematic scanning and identification techniques. Manta offers a safer and faster demining process than traditional techniques.

Manta’s eight powerful motors and 30-inch propellers in coaxial configuration enable the heavy-lifting drone to carry demining robots and sensors of up to 30kg overall weight. It is powered by eight 6s batteries, giving it an impressive maximum flight time of 60 minutes. Manta is a flexible platform designed to be compatible with all MKD demining robotics, which can be switched in seconds - thus allowing Manta to be used for a variety of operations.


Battery 8x: 6s 10000mAh (Mixed topology)
Low battery alert 1
Low battery alert information 20%
Rechargeable 1
Operating time 1 hours
Operating time information Can fly 1 hour and takes 5 hours to fully charge all batteries
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information yes

Length 1240 mm
Weight 15 kg
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Comes in 2 cases, total weight added below
Transport case weight 25.6 kg
Transport case weight info one case contains the core, weighing 15.42kg . The other case carries the arms+rotors weighing 10.2kg
Case dimensions The case for the core: 691x698x414cm The case for the arms: 816x540x306cm

Factory support Training courses, field support, maintenance, and further assistance
Warranty 1 year
Humidity (limitations) splash proof
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations -40 to +60 degrees celsius

Base price 88000 €
Reduction for higher quantity Depends on the order
Possible to rent 1
Price for training Leasing is an option, upon request

Additional equipment Robotic add-ons and sensors

Maximum speed 75 km/h
Max trop duration (no wind) 50 minutes
Max hovering duration (no wind) 60 minutes
Max flight distance (no wind) 20000 m
Max wind speed resistance 74 km/h
Operating frequency 2.4 GHz
Flight / trip planning software 1
Live data transmission 1
Image processing software 1