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The PPE Anti Mine Boot is available for mine clearance teams to help protect personnel from the traumatic damage caused by anti-personnel mines

Significantly reduces levels of injury from anti personnel mines Composite sole shields and reduces the effects of shock and blast over pressure on the foot Gaiters protect against flash burns Easy to walk in and comfortable to wear all day Waterproof and suitable for hot or cold climates Based on military standard walking boot with a robust and rugged branded sole Ventilated removable soft liner Protects against charges containing up to 56g of C4


Weight 2.3 kg
Sizes available 7-11.5 (UK sizes)

Humidity (limitations) None
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations None

Base price 1140 €
Reduction for higher quantity Subject to suitable commercial agreement discounts are available.

Other models No
Colours available Black

Protection level note Testing condcuted in accordance with NATO-RTO-TR-HFM-089
Protection level Protectction for charges up to 56g of C4