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The Safe Pro EOD suit is designed to provide full body protection from fragmentation threats and blast overpressure, customizable to fit various mission requirements in compliance with MIL-STD-662F and STANAG 2920.


• EOD Suit—Jacket and Pants in a Carry bag

• EOD Helmet and Visor in a Carry Bag

• Chest and Groin Plate

• Integral Back/Spine Protector

• Integral Groin Protector

• Overshoes protection

• Static dissipation bands on each foot

• Hand Mitts

• Helmet Light

• Quick doffing Pull Strap

• Bone conduction ear phones and microphone for radio communication system for EOD Technician and headset earphones and microphone communication system for the Control/Command Center

• One Pair of Motorola Radios

• Remote control mounted on right wrist for controlling Helmet ventilation Fan and cooling suit pump

• Cooling Suit consisting of head, jacket and pants with cooling water pipes, water bottle and pump for cooling water circulation

• Battery pack, Lithium Ion 10 mAh

• Provision for optional augmented protection on thighs and shins if required

• Optional air blower fan for cooling the jacket


Weight 25 kg
Sizes available Smal/Medium; Large/Extra Large
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Heavy duty Pelican case

Warranty 24 months
Water resistant 1

Base price 25588 €

Colours available OD Green

Protection level note • Suit Front Chest and Groin Areas: 1500 m/s minimum • Helmet (Front and Back): 700 m/s minimum • Visor: 700 m/s minimum • Leg: Thigh, Knee, Shin: 600 m/s minimum • Arm/Sleeve: 600 m/s minimum • Back of Suit: 600 m/s minimum
Protection level The V50 velocities after testing with 17 grain FSP, as per MIL-STD-662F and STANAG 2920, for fragmentation resistance are provided below: