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Our Kestrel body armour (NATO STANAG 2920 V50 – 450m/s) is lightweight and comfortable, providing vital area protection whether standing or kneeling to excavate anti-personnel mines. The weight is carried on the hips, with the fold-down flap hanging over the thighs with shaped inserts so that leg straps are not needed. Protection for the genitals can be folded back inside the armour cover when not wanted. A generous chest pocket and a shoulder strap for clipping a radio make the armour suitable for deminers or supervisors.

The collar has been designed to interface with our SD Platinum visor or the SD Mask Visor, but can also be used with our Standard visor or Half visor. The small upright collar allows the wearer an easier view of their feet without compromising safety. With a multi-layer Kevlar/polyamide inner covered by a washable Cordura® textured nylon outer that is exceptionally longlasting and resistant to tears and abrasions, the SD Kestrel armour weighs less than 2.9kg. The cover is removable and washable, so can be replaced at a later time. A variant with a protected back is available on request.


Weight 2.9 kg
Sizes available S, M, L, XL

Warranty 12 months

Base price 395 €
Reduction for higher quantity Yes quantity discounts are applicable

Other models Back protection on request
Colours available UN Blue, Black, Navy blue

Protection level V50 - 450 M/S