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VMC4 – Ultra Compact Metal Detector, Fourth Generation: Ultra Compact Metal Detector for Special Assignments and Shallow Detection

Maximum sensitivity in detection of shallow objects

Ultra compact design with high-quality carbon telescoping carrying bar

Detection of material and wires with low conductivity

Pinpoint button for a higher degree of location detection accuracy

Integrated GNSS for automatic and manual storage of waypoints

Infrared LED display for use with night vision devices and vibration alarm for covert operations

Bluetooth® and WLAN interface to internal web serverfor personal device settings


Transmission frequency 0.00 kHz

Battery Alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries
Low battery alert 1
Operating time 12.00 hours
Operating time information depending on brand of battery and operation mode
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information option

Length 1130.00 mm
Weight 1.25 kg
Search head size 273.00 mm
Shape rectangular
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information option
Transport case weight 2.00 kg

Factory support Vallon GmbH
Warranty 12 Months
Humidity (limitations) MIL-STD 810G
Temperature limitations -31° C to +63° C

Base price 0.00 €

Other models available in snad colour