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ZEUS, The Ultimate Modular Unmanned Ground Vehicle With today’s new threats, you need to transform into a lighter, faster responding unit. The Zeus UGV has been designed for the EOD/IEDD/CBRNe and SWAT community to deal with a range of scenarios from simple reconnaissance, CBRNe investigation or to full scale EOD render safe procedures (RSP). The highly modular design allows Zeus to be configured from a lightweight simple UGV to a fully capable EOD UGV.

 Modular design  Allows RCV to be configured to the specific task  Easy to break down and transport  Easy to repair in field  42kg maximum weight  OCU based on Panasonic tough book  2m reach of manipulator  Ability to climb stairs  Ability to accept 3rd party sensors and water jet disruptors


Length 770 mm
Weight 52 kg
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Peli 0500
Transport case weight 22.7 kg
Transport case weight info Case weight empty (no foam)
Case dimensions 101x59.5x72.7cm

Factory support Designed and Made by NIC Instruments in the UK, we offer full factory and technical support.
Warranty 12 months as standard, can be extended.
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations Storage: -20°C to +60°C, Operation: -20°C to +45°C

Base price 125000 €
Reduction for higher quantity Product is fully modular and loadout can be customised. Specification and qty will dictate the price.
Price for training Various depending on loction and number of trainees.

Additional equipment Compatible with Waterjet disruptors, CBRNE sensors, X-Ray and User Filled Explosives