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In approximately ten years of external quality control, millions of square metres of already cleared land have been sampled, and a comparatively small number of missed mines/ERW have been found. This indicates that the quality of the final product, the cleared land, is typically very high.

In such instances, the question of costs versus the added value of external quality control should be considered – especially in programmes with limited funding. The findings of this study show that, in 2010, 7.1 million m² of previously cleared land was recleared during external quality control, in five countries. This cost USD 5.9 million but only close to six mines were found .

This study seeks to examine post-clearance inspection, including costs and benefits, and to explore  how external quality control is implemented across the sector.  The study also seeks to determine what additional statistical confidence external quality control provides, in ensuring that, post-clearance, land is free from explosive hazards.

Categories: Operations Management, Quality Management in Mine Action Programmes