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For the past 25 years, the GICHD has worked towards reducing risks to communities caused by explosive ordnance. We are helping to develop and professionalise mine action and ammunition management for the benefit of our partners at global, regional, and national levels. Armed conflicts are surging globally and civilian populations represent 90% of the victims. Thus, the core mandate of the GICHD is more important than ever: saving lives and restoring safety to communities affected by explosive ordnance.

In 2022, the GICHD supported 54 countries and territories; contributions from 25 donors supported our commitment. The Centre adapted to the post-pandemic reality and increased the provision of remote support to complement its more traditional modes of intervention. While at times challenging, these adaptations further solidify the Centre’s impact in allowing work in areas difficult to assess and thus strengthening our overall outreach.

Strengthening our partners’ knowledge and skills is one of our fundamental commitments. Our objective is to empower countries and territories to address both new and legacy contamination efficiently and effectively, thus creating safety for affected communities. Supporting national partners towards the fulfilment of convention obligations and completion targets remains the priority for the Centre. Thereby, the Centre constantly deepens collaboration with different humanitarian, development, and peace actors to support sustainable livelihoods.

Category: Ammunition Management