Wednesday 14 February, 1.00pm, Room XXII

This side event will further emphasise the importance of a solid national mine action strategy and show how the process of developing a national strategy in an inclusive and participatory manner can facilitate greater ownership and thereby strengthen the linkage between mine action and development and promoting sustainable peace.

This event is in collaboration with Sri Lanka's National Mine Action Centre (NMAC), Mines Advisory Group (MAG) and Halo Trust.



14 February 2018
Geneva, Switzerland


To raise awareness of Sri Lanka’s mine action progamme and to highlight the close link between mine action, peacebuilding and development. It

Programme and methodology

Key issues that will be discussed include: 

  • Recognising mine action as a key enabler for resettling internally displaced persons (IDPs), which remains a key national priority for the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), the NMAC was moved from the Ministry of Economic Development to the Ministry of Resettlement in early 2015. 
  • Following the move to the Ministry of Resettlement, the GoSL wished to strategically and operationally ‘refresh’ the HMA sector. Two major initiatives were launched in mid-2015 – with support from the GICHD, the development of Sri Lanka’s National Mine Action Strategy 2016-2020
  • Sri Lanka’s national Peacebuilding Priority Plan is a clear example of how humanitarian mine action (HMA) is viewed as an enabler for sustainable peace; it is mentioned in the Resettlement & Durable Solutions section. Clearance allows rural and previously marginalised communities to access safe land and engage in safe and sustainable livelihood activates, thereby facilitating development and sustainable peace. Ultimately sustainable peace in Sri Lanka can only be realised if communities in the northern part of Sri Lanka benefit more from development. 

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