Non-Technical Surveys (NTS) are essential for determining how to allocate limited resources in the land release process. Therefore, it is not only important that these Surveys be of a high quality, but also that more effort be placed into training and equipping NTS teams, coaching their command structures and verifying and analysing survey information. Strong communication between the teams conducting the surveys and the staff responsible for analysis and information management is also essential.

This training course will be held at the German Armed Forces UN Training Centre in Hammelburg, which is especially suited to the practical exercises for NTS and scenario–based training. By enhancing the role of NTS, operational outcomes will improve, along with increased precision in determining how to distribute scarce resources to contaminated areas.

Successful applicants will receive pre course reading to assist with preparations and are advised that there will be a baseline test and that there will be a final test on the last day. The practical scenario exercises will also be evaluated by observers and feedback provided to participants. Upon successful completion participants will be awarded a certificate, participants who exceed expectations will be awarded a certificate of distinction.

Start date:

01 May 2017 arrival, start on 02 May 2017

End date: 

12 May 2017, Flight departures on 13 May 2017

1 - 13 May 2017
Land release
Hammelburg, Germany


The objectives for the training course will be to provide participants with:

• Up-to-date NTS methodologies, techniques and technologies

• A real-life environment with practical exercises, scenarios and role playing to put the methods and techniques to test

• A platform to raise questions and exchange views and good practices on NTS

Programme and methodology

The course entails both theoretical and practical elements, with a focus on evidence–based approaches to NTS in various contexts and environments. This includes surveys for landmines, cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war. During the training, participants will acquire both the hard and soft skills required for effective NTS and test new methodologies and technologies, including an unmanned aerial system and tablet applications.


This training course is aimed at mid-level and senior managers looking to expand their knowledge, to learn more about survey and to explore best practices.

The number of participants is limited to 20. Preference will be given to individuals charged with the management and conduct of field–based surveys, or involved in training personnel for NTS. The GICHD will seek to ensure gender and diversity-balanced participation.

The course will be conducted in English. Good working knowledge of English is therefore a requirement.


The application period has now closed.

You will be informed about the decision regarding your application within three weeks of the deadline. If you are concerned about receiving your visa in time, we strongly recommend to book a provisional appointment for the visa process at the German embassy well in advance.


The course, training materials, accommodation, internet, all meals and local transport are free of charge. Travel to Frankfurt International airport is to be covered by each respective organisation. Participants are expected to arrive on 1st May and depart on 13th May.

Please note that accommodation is arranged in military barracks in the training centre in Hammelburg. This consists of a private single room with shower and sanitary facilities shared at the floor level (about 10-15 peoples per floor).

Further information concerning facilities, clothing and equipment will be sent to successful candidates after the selection process.

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