Job opportunities

At the GICHD, our vision and what drives our work everyday is to make the world a safer place for communities and a world free from risks of explosive ordnance. Let us make a difference together, come and join us!


The GICHD publishes tender notices on occasion. When calls for tenders are open, they are posted here. 

Tenders on mine action related projects issued by our partner organisations and key donors in mine action might also be posted here. Please note that for these announcements, we do not have any influence over the tender content or the awarding of contracts. All responses to, or questions on, these tenders should be made directly to the organisation issuing the tender.


Request for Offers | Branding and Interactive Services

The GICHD seeks a full-service agency able to provide branding and interactive consultancy services. The service provider will have an understanding of the field of international development, arms control or disarmament and must demonstrate examples of work in the field, including working with relevant organisation in international Geneva.

Deadline for submission: 08 November 2020, 23.39, Geneva Time.

Submit to : consultants(at) and n.amer(at)


Request for Offers | E-Learning Course on Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE)

The GICHD seeks an e-learning consultant(s) or company with experience in adult learning to lead the first phase of the design and development of an EORE Essentials E-Learning Course, similar to the already established Introduction to Gender and Diversity in Mine Action e-learning course. The objective of the course will be to raise the standard of risk education design and delivery by offering a grounding in the core principles of effective and ethical EORE.

Deadline for submission: 16 November 2020

Submit to : consultants(at) and m.laruelle(at)


Request for Offers | Digital Consultancy, E-Learning Illustrations & Videos

The GICHD is developing an e-learning module on International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).  The IMAS e-learning course is key in disseminating knowledge about the IMAS and further enrich its understanding amongst the mine action community. The consultant will support the GICHD in designing and developing the e-learning platform and course along with other visuals.

Deadline for submission: 06 November 2020

Submit to : Alain Nellen a.nellen(at) and Namrita Singh n.singh(at)


Request for Offers | Consultancy, IMAS Outreach Workshops

The overall objective of the consultancy is to deliver International Mine Action Standards (IMAS) outreach workshops which focus on strengthening the understanding of IMAS requirements and the nexus between various management systems such as risk management, quality management and information management. These are key areas to improve safety, efficiency and quality in mine action programmes. The consultant will support GICHD in designing and delivering 1-2 workshops on IMAS targeting the NMAAs and other relevant mine action stakeholders.

Deadline for submission: 20 October 2020

Submit to : Alain Nellen a.nellen(at) and Namrita Singh n.singh(at)