This call for Expression of Interest in Participating in Mine Action Technology Workshop will identify and select services and products that are currently in use or development. It is intended only for those participants (presenters, equipment exhibitors) who wish to present an existing or a developing product or service during the workshop. A separate invitation will be sent to observing participants who will not be presenting any product, exhibit or service.

The Mine Action Technology Workshop gathers mine action professionals, including national authorities, UN, international organisations, operators, manufacturers and other experts to discuss and share ideas and experiences that promote efficient use of innovation and technology in mine action.

The Seventh Mine Action Technology Workshop will take place in 2019 under the provisional title “Robotics and Remote Sensing in Mine Action.” It will take place in early November 2019 in Switzerland, exact dates and location are to yet be determined.

Robotics and Remote Sensing in Mine Action

Remote Sensing is the method of data acquisition and information analysis of an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. Remote sensing in Mine action is used not only to assist in planning, monitoring and evaluating clearance operations, but also to identify potential contamination areas.

Tele-operated, semi-autonomous or fully automated robotic solutions are used in mine action to substitute for humans or replicate human actions in functions where physical intervention might pose danger to human live.


To be considered for participation as a presented or exhibitor in the Mine Action Technology Workshop, you should present a product or a service that fits the theme of the Workshop-- Robotics and Remote Sensing in Mine Action. A GICHD panel, consisting of experts from various divisions, will have the final decision on which products and services will be included in the Workshop programme. GICHD expects to announce the final programme by 15 July 2019.

Expression of Interest

To be considered for participation in the Mine Action Technology Workshop, the presenter or exhibitor is kindly requested to fill the form below by 28th February 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact: technology(at) 

Fill out my online form.

Due to the large number of applicants for this workshop, we unfortunately will not be able to accept all entries. Our selection committee endeavours to select a range of entries that represent a variety of technologies from many specialists. Thank you in advance for your understanding.