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ROFI Armadillo consists of a vest unit covering the upper body, shoulders and neck, and a lower protection panel that cover the abdomen, sides and groin.

The ROFI Armadillo vest provides the best protection combined with high comfort and flexibility to work freely in the mine field. The design facilitates protection for the deminers when in upright position operating the metal detector, as well as in both squatting and kneeling position during prodding. To ensure best possible comfort, the Armadillo comes with a stand-off liner and a special ventilation channel.


Operating time 0.00 hours

Weight 4.00 kg
Sizes available Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Other sizes are available on customer specification.
Transport case provided 1

Base price 0.00 €
Reduction for higher quantity Prices are available on request

Colours available The ROFI Armadillo vests are available in blue, black, green and sand. Other colours are available on customer specification.

Protection level note Other levels of protection are available on customer specification. Further information is available on request.
Protection level STANAG 2920 and other international standards