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General description

The DIGGER D-250 is first of all a multi-purpose machine designed to respond to deminers's needs. Equipped with quick front and rear couplers, it is compatible with various (flail and tiller) or Caterpillar® standards (bucket, fork, ...) easily interchangeable. Like so, it can be used in different types of operations such as ground preparation, vegetation clearance, reduced land and demining itself, storage or disposal of dangerous items, etc.

Working characteristics

360° armored, easy to maintain, it is equipped with over-dimensioned hydraulic and cooling systems to withstand the harshest operational conditions. The DIGGER D-250 is designed for a fast handling, even by an inexperienced pilot, in order to ensure an immediat engagement on the ground. Several equipments are offered in option, such as ultra-high precision GPS (<2cm) with interface designed for humanitarian demining and IMSMA compatible, camera, digging depth control sensors, flow reversal cooling system for self-cleaning of air intake grids ,diesel engine EURO-2 or EURO-3b compatible.


Dimensional data

Overall length 3755 mm
Length with attachment 5755 mm
Overall Width 2320 mm
Overall Hight 2041 mm
Fits in container 2

Factory support data

Temperature limitations +50°C


Additional equipment Remote camera system / Centimeters accurate GPS / Digging depth sensor / Reversible rear fan

Operational data

Tracks 1
Ground bearing pressure tracks 0.56kg/cm2
Hill climbing ability (max gradient degrees) 35 °
Clearance depth in varying terrain from 5 cm
Clearance depth in varying terrain to -25 cm
Control of clearance depth Automatic, skid or sensor
Greatest remote controlled distance 500 m
Mechanical tools / attachments Demining flail or tiller Bucket Pallet forks Backhoe with gripper and/or excavator Pushing blade Winch

Engine specifications

Engine type / description John Deere, 6 cylinder
Engine max power 250 hp
Fuel capacity 240 l
Fuel consumption 30 l/h
Cooling system Liquid cooling
Oil capacity 32 l

Vehicle electrical system

Battery voltage 24 Volt
Battery capacity 120 Ah
Safety information Engine oil level / Hydraulic oil level / Engine temperature / Hydraulic temperature / General internal temperature / Fuel level