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The MEPAK is the new model of MEMED® series mine detectors. MEPAK is ultra-compact and has a special structure designed especially for operational troops/engineers which are responsible for mine detection activities. MEPAK can detect anti-personnel, anti-tank and also IEDs including metal content with high detection sensitivity. MEPAK ensures that difficult targets can be easily found in any kind of mineralized soils and also normal soils. With its fast and easy to use design, operators can concantrate on detection but not adjustments. MEPAK, which successfully detects anti-personnel mines, anti-tank mines and metal-containing IEDs; can even detect the trapped mines with its new innovative signal processing technology

Special design for operational troops, fully foldable design, light and one-piece structure, quick and easy to use, soil compensation, pinpoint function, normal and mineral soil modes, auido viual and vibration alarm


Audio output military type headset and 3.5mm jack
Visual display LED
Sensitive adjustment 1
Ground balance 1

Battery 3x C size battery
Low battery alert 1
Rechargeable 1
Operating time 8 hours
Battery charger provided 1

Length 1040 mm
Weight 1.87 kg
Search head size 350 mm
Shape Circular
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Standard: Soft, Optional: Hard case
Transport case weight 0.86 kg
Transport case weight info soft operational transport case

Factory support Ten years technical and spare part support.
Warranty 2
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations -30C° to +60C°
Interference (with other detectors) 1

Additional equipment Test piece, headset
Detectors systems in use to date 2 years
Other models MEMAR, MEKA