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F3 Mine & UXO Detector Hand held metal detector used extensively in humanitarian demining and battle area clearance around the world.

The F3 Detector is a pulse induction metal detector. Incorporates Minelab's BiPolar Multi Period Sensing Technology into a Safe, effective, rugged and easy to use detector.


Transmission frequency 1.25 kHz
Audio output Internal Loudspeaker, Earset
Visual display Optional F3L, with display
Depth indication No
Sensitive adjustment 1
Ground balance 1
Ground balance information fixed ground balance
Connectivity RS232

Battery Quantity four (4) D cell batteries
Low battery alert 1
Low battery alert information Low battery alarm
Rechargeable 1
Operating time 17 hours
Operating time information 17 hours using 7Ah batteries, continuous use.
Battery charger provided 1
Battery charger information Optional battery charger available

Length 1510 mm
Weight 3.2 kg
Search head size 200 mm
Shape Circular (round)
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Hard transport case
Transport case weight 11.5 kg
Transport case weight info 11.5kg with F3 detector and accessories

Factory support Full integrated logistic support. Operations Manual, service manual and supporting documents are available for download from the Minelab webpages. Training is available (on request). World wide service and support available.
Warranty 15 months
Humidity (limitations) IP 67 water proof, MIL STD 810F
Water resistant 1
Temperature limitations -30C to 60C
Interference (with other detectors) 1

Base price 2715.00 €
Reduction for higher quantity Discounts offered for higher quantities. Contact Minelab for details and quote.

Additional equipment Option UXO coil
Detectors systems in use to date Greater than 35,000
Other models F3L, F3L UXO and F3S