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To improve productivity and increase the quality of the data obtained when field mapping, EBINGER offers the MAGNEX® 120 LW as multi-channel systems. If required these can be enhanced with a GPS system. 3-channel-system: The TR01-03 carrier is fitted with three MAGNEX® 120 LW probes which are arranged at distances apart of 50 cm. The power supply consisting of the MAGNEX® 120 battery box is integrated in the carrier. The carrier can be handled by one operator in one day and the productivity is increased by a factor of three. The average area able to be mapped by one operator is around 1.8 to 2 hectares. For mapping on largely level ground the TR01-03 carrier can be enhanced with the TR01-02RAD wheel set. 5-channel-system: With the 5-channel system the average area able to be mapped per person and day is around 3.6 hectares. The extension set TR01-05 UPGR permits two further MAGNEX® 120 probes to be used giving a total of five probes. For high resolution mapping these can be mounted at distances apart of 25 cm. The TR02-05 carrier has a width of 2 meters and can carry five MAGNEX® 120 probes, these being mounted at distances of 50 cm from each other. By reason of its dimensions the TR02-05 carrier is delivered as standard with the TR01-02 RAD wheel set. Vehicle-mounted multi-channel system: For mapping large areas or for long paths as well as also for use on water EBINGER offers vehicle-mounted and GPS-supported multi-channel systems with data recording and visualization software. Depending on the particular detection location and the working conditions the average mapping result is in the range of approximately 12 hectares per day for a four meter wide vehicle-mounted frame. Digital recording of measured data: The EPAD® data logger and the EPAS® software are perfectly matched to one another and form the firstclass EBINGER system for recording, processing, visualizing and evaluating digital data for explosive ordnance disposal work. The EPAD® data logger can be used in the field as a single channel or multi-channel system (up to 6 channels). The EPAS® software carries out the complex data processing and evaluating steps automatically in the background. The EBINGER system is characterized in particular by the simplicity of use as well as by its multilingualism. EPAD® data logger, EPAS® software and EBINGER locators: the ideal tools for explosive ordnance disposal.

The MAGNEX® 120 LW uses the gradiometric principle to detect magnetic anomalies: A ferromagnetic object interacts with the magnetic field in its vicinity, the intensity and field direction (polarity) of which are evaluated as detection information for localizing the position of the object. The MAGNEX® 120 LW serves for the finding of ferromagnetic objects which are buried underground or underwater. A further important field of use of the MAGNEX® 120 LW lies in the probing of bore holes where magnetic anomalies have be proven at relatively great depths or in detections fields with a lot of surface bound interference.


Audio output The audio output of a single probe indicates the field polarity of the search object as well as a low battery level.
Visual display Logged data can be viewed on PDAs, tablets, or laptops.
Sensitive adjustment 1
Ground balance 1
Ground balance information Manual compensation of the audio signal does not affect the recorded data.
Connectivity MAGNEX® and UPEX® usabilty is enhanced by the EBINGER EPAD® data logger and EPAS® software.

Battery Single probes: Mono cells or recahrgeable battery packs. Multi-Channel systems: Rechargeable battery packs or universal solutions like powering via car battery
Low battery alert 1
Rechargeable 1
Operating time information Operation time varies with the number of probes in simultaneous use.
Battery charger provided 1

Length 1100 mm
Weight 4.3 kg
Search head size 45 mm
Shape The single probes are rod-shaped, and approx. 45 mm in diameter.
Transport case provided 1
Transport case information Transport cases are available for individual probes. Other solutions are available for different components of the multi-channel systems.
Transport case weight 11 kg
Transport case weight info Case weight includes accessories and charging solutions.

Factory support A worldwide service network ensures permanent availability of spare parts. Operation and maintenance training is provided at Ebinger facilities or on site. Additional factory support by specially trained staff is provided on request.
Warranty 1 year warratny included. Ebinger offers prolongation

Reduction for higher quantity Please get in contact for a personalized offer.
Possible to rent 1
Price for training Please get in contact for a personalized offer.

Additional equipment Both the modular hardware and the software allow for a huge variety in MAGNEX® setups, be it hand-held single channel use, borehole operations, push-cart multi-channel systems or vehicle-mounted installations. GPS components by EBINGER can further enhanc
Other models The MAGNEX® product family features magnetometers suitable for use under water, hand-held or on multi-channel frames, for quick enrollment or long-time cart installments.