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The lightweight Personal Mine Extraction Kit (PMEK) is designed to be carried when traveling in areas where anti personnel mines or IED’s may be present. . The PMEK comes with a waterproof Aide Memoire which contains the best practice for using the kit as well as spotting potential warning signs and avoiding dangerous areas. Dimensions: 180 x 135 x 45mm Weight: 394g The item has been opened and closed 100 times. The lightsticks have been tested and last a minimum of 4 hours. Mine Prodder with Point 30cm (non magnetic) NSN: 6665-99-773-7447 Daylight Route Marking System - Red (suspect) x 5 NSN: 1385-99-870-4657 Daylight Route Marking System -White (safe) x 20 NSN: 1385-99-400-2295 Night Route Marking System - Red 4hr (suspect) x 5 NSN: 6260-01-074-4229 Night Route Marking System - Green 4hr (safe) x 20 NSN: 6260-01-196-0637 Trip Wire Feeler 1200mm NSN: TBC Waterproof Aide Memoire (sample) NSN: 6665-99-667-4019 Pouch NSN: 6665-99-733-1445

The Kit was created to attach conveniently on ones person using Molle and contains all the necessary components to safely avoid and map out hostile environments.


Weight 0.394 kg
Sizes available NA
Transport case provided 1

Base price 35 €
Reduction for higher quantity Discount available on 1000 pcs