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The mine action sector faces not only chronic underfunding but also short-lived funding spikes for emerging or new crises, or significant developments in ongoing conflicts. These trends surrounding funding lead to a lack of both funding stability and predictability which ultimately impacts efficiency and effectiveness of operations, constituting a longstanding impediment faced by the mine action sector. Innovative finance is intended to complement traditional international resource flows by mobilising and providing access to additional resources that would not otherwise be available. A range of innovative finance mechanisms have proven effective when applied in other humanitarian aid and development assistance contexts. These can be adapted for use in the mine action sector.

To this effect, the study, “Innovative Finance for Mine Action: Needs and Potential Solutions”, conducted by the GICHD and Symbio Impact Ltd, assesses the funding situation in the mine action sector, analyses how innovative finance mechanisms, notably front-loading and thematic bonds, have been successfully employed in other humanitarian aid and development assistance sectors and provides an overview on how such mechanisms may be applied to mine action.

Overview Innovative Finance for Mine Action Needs and Potential Solutions

Category: Mine Action