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The ROFI Deminer Mask is now offered in a new improved design featuring a sun cap for increased comfort and working conditions.

• Low weight • Effective ventilation of exhaled air • Visor is much closer to the eyes, reducing transparent area by 80% , reducing glare, irritation due to scratches and distortion • Adjustable in size – one size fits all • Direct ventilation of breath (heat, moisture and CO2) • Protects face against the sun • Reflects radiated heat • Optical component protected and easily replaceable


Weight 0.7 kg
Sizes available one size fits all
Transport case provided 1

Base price 325 €
Reduction for higher quantity Discounted prices are available on request.

Colours available White

Protection level STANAG 2920 and other international standards. Other levels of protection are available on customer specification. Further information is available on request.