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The Safe Pro Fragmentation and Blast Resistant Shin Guard Ensemble is a component of the Safe Pro Demining Ensemble. It may be purchased as part of the complete demining ensemble or separately.

• Standard coverage of protection consists of shins, knees and ankle. • Additional optional protection available for integration into the regular Shin Guards: Thighs and shoes (with fragmentation resistant overshoes) • Fragmentation resistant overshoes provide blast and shrapnel resistant surround protection all around the regular shoes donned by the demining end–user • Design allows full articulation at the knees and the full range of operational motions as required by the demining end user


Weight 5.7 kg
Sizes available Small, medium, large and extra large

Warranty 12 months

Reduction for higher quantity Discounts available based on number of units purchased.

Colours available OD green, blue, black and tan

Protection level note Additionally as an option, ballistic protection up to NIJ Level IIIA and NIJ Level III is available to be integrated into the shin guards
Protection level STANAG 2920 V50 (17 grain / 1.1 gram FSP): 575 m/s