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aunav is a robotic trade mark owned by Escribano Mechanical & Engineering. EM&E is a major industrial player with a presence in over 26 countries, providing them with high-tech small and medium-caliber defense systems, 3rd generation observation systems and UGV & robotics systems. Company founded in 1987 for mechanical parts manufacturing. Private and family-owned company, established in Madrid. 100% Spanish funds. National and International reference with an 8% of INDRA since November 2023, and expecting to get a 10% in 2024 Above all, EM&E believes in its people, their continuous development and their talent. We are strongly committed to talent and our main goal is to nurture high-performing professionals by creating an environment of responsible freedom.

Regions of MA operation

  • Europe

Related mine action topics

  • Detection and clearance
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)