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The Gender & Diversity Annual Report highlights the efforts made towards more gender and diversity inclusive practices at the GICHD. In  2018,  the  GICHD  took  the  decision  to  elevate  the  topics  of  gender  and  diversity  at  the  highest  level  of  its  new  2019-2022  Strategy.  This  included  a  strategic  objective to promote gender equality and inclusion and the empowerment of women and girls. In March 2019, the  Gender  and  Mine  Action  Programme  (GMAP) and  the GICHD entered in a new agreement which saw the integration  of  GMAP  as  a  division  of  the  GICHD.  This  decision  not  only  reaffirmed  the  GICHD’s  commitment  to support inclusive and effective mine action activities, but  also  highlighted  the  Centre’s  position  that  mine  action  has  potential  to  influence  gender  equality  and  inclusion in affected countries. These  changes  are  the  culmination  of  years  of  work  toward   the   promotion   of   equality   and   inclusion.  

Categories: Explosive Ordnance Risk Education (EORE), Gender, Diversity and Inclusion