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Advisory Group

The Explosive Ordnance Risk Education Advisory Group (EORE AG) was launched in 2019. It provides overall guidance to the sector and identifies ways to improve the integration, effectiveness, efficiency and relevance of EORE.

The EORE AG draws on the expertise of over a dozen UN agencies, international organisations and international NGOs who serve as members or observers to the group. It is co-chaired by UNICEF and a rotating NGO – currently the Mines Advisory Group (MAG) – and the GICHD serves as secretariat. National authorities responsible for mine action and EORE will be the privileged interlocutors and decision makers for plans to be carried out in their respective countries.

For questions or requests to the EORE AG, please contact Kaitlin Hodge (k.hodge(at)gichd.org).

EORE Advisory Group Terms of Reference

EORE AG Work Plan 2021

EORE AG Progress Report 2020