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The EORE AG draws on the expertise of over fifteen UN agencies, international organisations, international NGOs and national mine action authorities who serve as members or observers to the group. It is co-chaired by UNICEF and a rotating NGO – currently the HALO Trust – and the GICHD serves as secretariat. National authorities responsible for mine action and EORE will be the privileged interlocutors and decision makers for plans to be carried out in their respective countries.

For questions or requests to the EORE AG, please contact Faustine Auger (f.auger(at)

EORE Advisory Group Terms of Reference

EORE AG Work Plan 2023-2024

EORE AG Progress Report 2021-2022


Advisory Group Meeting Minutes

2023: July​​​​​​​  |  March 

2022: December  |  June  |  March (Part 1)  |  March (Part 2) 

2021: October  |  June  |  February

2020: October  |  May  |  February

2019: November  |  May

Event Summaries

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'EORE Hour' Webinar Recordings

"Why risk education on cluster munition matters: a deep dive on risk education in the Lausanne Action Plan"

"Doing it right, doing it better: EORE voices from the field"

GICHD Webinar Series "New Technologies & Methodologies for EORE: A View from Other Sectors"

"Upholding the Oslo Action Plan in Times of COVID-19: A Discussion On Risk Education"

EORE Webinar: "EORE and COVID-19"

"Risk Education in the Oslo Action Plan: from vision to reality"

  • 23NDM Side Event Report, including discussion groups on IED risk education, digital EORE, EORE training needs, impact monitoring & integration of EORE (Feb 2020)

Other Approved Documentation

Digital EORE

DEORE Project Mapping

The Digital Task Team of the EORE Advisory Group has worked to map digital EORE projects across the HMA sector over the past five years. The database serves as a reference guide for digital EORE projects around the globe by providing a snapshot of key information as well as contact details to enable practitioners to contact organisations about specific projects to learn more.

View the digital EORE mapping database here

If your organisation is implementing any digital EORE projects, please use the above database to check if they are already represented and, if not, add them using this form.

If you are responsible for any of the projects listed and would like to edit or update any information featured in the database, please contact Matthieu Laruelle (m.laruelle(at)

Digital EORE Partnership and Platform Mapping

​The Digital Task Team of the EORE Advisory Group has worked to map and provide a brief overview of opportunities for a range of commonly used digital partners and platforms that can add value to digital EORE projects. The different partners and platforms cover social media, messaging, video platforms, data collection, trainings, media partners, and more.

View the digital EORE partnership and platform mapping

If your organisation is working with any digital partners or platforms that are not represented, please consider adding them using this table. 

M&E metrics

Calendar of Events

EORE Hour: EORE Digital Application & Practice

29 Nov 202329 Nov 2023

Virtual (Zoom)

Hosted by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Vietnam